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Fishing in the Hi-Line Region

There have been many guests staying with us at Royals Inn Motel whose passion is fishing. They already realized that there are many great lakes to fish in the Hi-Line region. On this page we will give you some advice of places to go and test your fishing skills. Moreover, we will provide you with links to pages where you can learn more about licensing and getting your proper permits, so the only thing you need to do is to enjoy fishing.


The closest opportunity to Malta is the Nelson Reservoir. On the way East to Saco you will pass by the smaller Hewitt Lake National Wildlife Refuge and an access road to the much larger Nelson Reservoir, which is one of northeast Montana’s popular water recreation and fishing areas. It offers yellow perch, walleye and nothern pike. Nelson Reservoir has the state record, 14-pound walleye, as well. Ice fishing is a drawing card in the winter.


Other areas further South of Malta such as Fort Peck Lake - which is a great and popular destination for fishing - is filled with walleye, sauger, lake trout and some more exotic species such as chinook salmon and ling.


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Getting a License

In order to enjoy your fishing experience you will need to obtain the proper licenses from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. At this link you will find all the information on how to apply and get the necessary license for fishing. A fishing license allows a person to fish for and possess any fish or aquatic invertebrate authorized by the state's fishing regulations.


In the following link you will find Montana's Fishing Regulations and also how to navigate through it. 


Fish, Wildlife and Parks stocks some private waters on a regular basis. These ponds are open to the public, but anglers must get landowner permission. Here are some more fishing opportunities in the area:

  • Whitetail Reservoir
  • Poplar River
  • Big Muddy Creek
  • Missouri river
  • Gartside Reservoir
  • Raymond Reservoir

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